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Agricultural Company ``Il Sogno``

the ‘Il Sogno’ farm is the company in Villa Guarnaschelli. Established in 2011 by Marco and Adriana, the farm has two locations: one near Scandicci and one in Castelfranco Pian di Scò, where the olive groves from which ‘il Sogno’ BIO EVO Olive Oil comes from are located. In 2023, it obtained certification as an ORGANIC farm. Our oil, extracted cold using mechanical procedures, meets all the standards of excellence not only required by the PGI consortium, but also by the AGRIBIOCERT certifying body. Marco and Adriana from their apiary in the Valdarno hills also produce a selected variety of monofloral honeys, propolis and pollen.

Adriana and the staff were friendly and helpful in suggesting restaurants and activities to do in the surrounding area. Having a small child and an animal lover, we really enjoyed the animals in the courtyard. The breakfast was good and the honey produced on the farm was excellent.

Francesca, Italia

From Tuscany

Honey, Propolis and EVO Oil in KM0

At the agritourism, it will be possible to buy products from the ‘Il Sogno’ farm, run by Marco and Adriana. Honey, EVO oil, Propolis and Pollen: all KM0 products.

You can taste the Tuscan products of the “Il Sogno” farm at breakfast.

``Il Sogno`` Honey

Many Types of Honey

Olive groves are not the only excellence of the ‘il Sogno’ farm. The Castelfranco Pian di Scò site also houses the beehives that produce ‘il Sogno’ honey, Propolis and Pollen.

Many types of honey
Acacia: Quite liquid, white to yellowish, almost transparent. Its aroma is particularly floral. Anti-inflammatory for throat and pharynx, slightly laxative and depurative for the liver. People suffering from gastric acitosis benefit from the constant use of this honey.

Chestnut: Has a characteristic amber colour, which can be more or less dark. Slightly bitterish, it has a very intense aroma.
It is an excellent kidney and liver cleanser, has an anti-anaemic and restorative action, and improves blood circulation. It develops an antispasmodic and astringent action. It can be considered one of the best honeys for children and the elderly.

Honeydew: Takes a long time to crystallise; it is dark amber in colour, to such an extent that it can become almost black in some cases. Resinous and sweet, it is an excellent adjuvant remedy for all acute and chronic diseases of the respiratory system. Colds, asthma, bronchitis, pharyngitis, flu syndromes. It is considered a good antiseptic for the lungs.

Millefiori: It is rare to find it in liquid form, unless it has been produced recently. It is a good depurative, tonic and slightly laxative.

Linden: Its aroma is slightly camphorated and aromatic. It is a good expectorant of the respiratory tract. However, its most important virtues are its calming and sedative effect on the nervous system. Excellent against insomnia.


Pollen collection at the Il Sogno farm is carried out by inducing bees to pass through a special trap, which detaches the pollen from their transport baskets. The collected pollen must be removed every evening, around sunset.

Dehydration at low temperature is the best way to preserve the properties intact and at the same time ensure proper preservation of the product. Depending on the season, the ‘Il Sogno’ farm can produce the following types of pollen

Ash pollen: yellow-whitish in colour, it is indicated for soothing benign hypertrophy and age-related ophthalmic problems.

Chestnut pollen: deep yellow in colour and rather sweet-tasting. An excellent anti-stress remedy, it is especially suitable for premenopausal women, the elderly, children and people suffering from circulatory disorders.

Wildflower pollen: This is perhaps one of the healthiest pollens, as it contains many varieties of unifloral pollen with various virtues. It is indicated in all cases of mental and physical exhaustion and asthenia, as a tonic for the organism.

The Villa is also home to ponies, sheep, rabbits and Mugello chickens… Just take a simple walk around the villa’s olive grove to see these special little guests. The peacocks are waiting for you in the aviary in the garden.